Inspiring Story From Our Contest Winner AND Check Out Our New Pinterest Boards!

Got lots for you today:

  • First, I had a wonderful email exchange with our first Contest Winner Jane Schwartz. With her permission, I’m reprinting part of her inspiring story:

“I’ve been watching since my boys were very little.  I’m a transplant from the northeast, but I first saw EWTN when we were in Syracuse, N.Y.  I switched the TV on to have some noise in the background and I saw HER.  I was fascinated.  Mother Angelica was still in the old modified habit, but hey, it was a habit!  I hadn’t seen any real nuns in ages and it made me nostalgic for my Catholic school upbringing.  More importantly, she looked me straight in the eye while I was dusting my bedroom and said (I’m paraphrasing), “Sweetheart, stop looking for excuses and get to confession!”  How she knew I hadn’t been to church in years because I was angry with God for some ridiculous reason, I’ll never know.  But, there she was with those apple cheeks and twinkling eyes, and sounding just like my grandma Flannigan.  So, off to confession I went and have been a faithful viewer of EWTN ever since!”


A screen shot of EWTN’s new boards on Pinterest! Let us know what boards YOU’D like to see EWTN post!

  • Also, we’ve just signed up for Pinterest! For the uninitiated, that’s a social media site that works like a virtual pin-up board. We’ve already posted several boards and I think you’re going to like them. Check them out at — and please re-pin. It’s a great and very easy way to evangelize!
  • We’ve got lots of ideas for our new Pinterest boards – but we’d like to hear from you. What sorts of picture boards would you like to see us post? Please comment here!

God bless you Family!

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  1. Julie says:

    I think the posts about Eucharistic miracles are fascinating, but they may be too long for pinterest.

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