President’s Action on Employer Mandate Does Not Delay Contraception Mandate For EWTN

MWarsawJpegThe following is EWTN President & Chief Executive Officer Michael P. Warsaw’s statement in response to recent news about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act:
Yesterday, the President of the United States issued a statement that enforcement of a portion of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) known as the employer mandate would be delayed by a year. The complexity of the law lends to the confusion people are experiencing in determining whether the HHS contraception mandate would be delayed, too. EWTN has analyzed this change in implementation and determined, with advice of counsel, that the HHS contraception mandate was in no way changed by the President’s action yesterday.
The employer mandate affects only those employers who do not currently provide health insurance and employ 50 or fewer full time equivalent employees. Because EWTN provides health insurance for its more than 350 employees, this delay provides no change to EWTN’s situation or the applicability of the HHS contraception mandate. The final rule for the contraception mandate issued last week will force EWTN to provide contraceptives, abortion-inducing drugs, and voluntary sterilizations beginning on the EWTN plan date of July 1, 2014. EWTN remains committed to fighting this senseless mandate.
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6 Responses to President’s Action on Employer Mandate Does Not Delay Contraception Mandate For EWTN

  1. Dean Foster says:

    Loveed reading this thank you

  2. Denise Riggio says:

    your statement says this mandate will “force EWTN to provide contraceptives, abortion-inducing drugs, and voluntary sterilizations beginning on the EWTN plan date of July 1, 2014” Don’t you mean to say that you will shut down before you participate in the murder of one human life?

    • mjohnsonewtn says:

      EWTN’s position has been clear and unequivocal since the contraceptive services mandate was first announced. That is why the Network was the first to file a lawsuit after the government first published its rules in February of 2012. EWTN will continue to oppose this senseless mandate in every way possible and will not comply with it.

      • Margaret Milne says:

        I was watching Women of Grace today 2/11/14 and the guests on are professionals, all talking about The Pill and it’s adverse effects on women’s health. The thought came to me…. If we have proof from doctors and reports of deaths by heart attack, stroke, breast cancer, and other problems and side effects caused by the pill why then can’t this be used against this administration (Who Care so for all Women) How can this drug be pushed into a “HEALTH CARE INSURANCE PROGRAM BY A GOVERNMENT NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS BUT BUSINESSMEN, ATTORNIES NO LESS” Shouldn’t the idea of more studies be done on this PILL. There Must be a way for Doctors, Scientists, Pharmacists to come up with enough evidence to prove how deadly the pill is to all women and young girls.

        My point…to argue the safety of the product and a government pushing the mandatory use on “Women They Care About” is there a way that this can be brought in to defend your not wanting to push this on your employees? I understand the argument. The Church is against birth control because it is unnatural and prevents life, it can also cause abortions, BUT, If it can be proven that it can also cause Heart Attack, Strokes, Cancer, Even Death to the User? IS THAT NOT A GOOD ENOUGH REASON FOR THE CHURCH NOT TO WANT TO PROVIDE THIS TO HER WOMEN! The Church protects all life! The unborn and those of us who are living and breathing! I think in all honesty By
        taking the spotlight off of our stand on “Birth Control Only” and including our concern for the Life and Health of all women as well! Why would we want to support the use of such a dangerous drug that is known to cause serious harm and even death

        God Bless you and your efforts in this fight for life!

  3. vctryfont says:

    Can’t easily get EWTN Radio {need another radio}. Is there a way to listen online?

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