Padre Pio TV Visits EWTN

Did you know that the Capuchin Franciscans have a television network in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy called Teleradio Padre Pio or, more popularly, Padre Pio TV? EWTN has not only visited Padre Pio TV, but aired a special Mass last year on the Feast of Padre Pio (Sept. 23) with English, Spanish and French commentary provided especially for us by our friends from Italy!

Some of the members of the Padre Pio TV team who traveled from San Giovanni Rotondo to EWTN's headquarters in Alabama!
Some of the members of the Padre Pio TV team who traveled from San Giovanni Rotondo to EWTN’s headquarters in Alabama!

On Tuesday, Jan. 14, executives from Padre Pio TV, including Father Francesco Daniele Colacelli, Provincial Minister of the Province of Sant’Angelo and Padre Pio, and Teleradio Padre Pio President Fr. Mariano Di Vito, visited EWTN’s headquarters in Irondale, Alabama.

They toured the campus, appeared on the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network, and met with EWTN President Doug Keck and others to discuss how we might work together to promote Padre Pio around the world!

“Together, Mother Angelica and Padre Pio, together with Pope Francis, and in the name of Saint Francis, must continue the work of evangelization, of spreading the Good News,” said Father Mariano Di Vito, President of the Voice of Padre Pio Foundation and Director of Padre Pio TV.

Padre Pio TV began broadcasting in 1999, and is now available on satellites covering Europe, North America and the Middle East, as well as the U.S. and Canada.

Father Mariano says the Network’s most popular program by far is the morning Mass and rosary, which is viewed by half a million people in Italy, as well as the evening Mass and rosary. In addition to devotions, which include a big celebration on both the vigil and feast of Padre Pio, the network offers programs that explain the Catholic faith and that help people with the social problems they face. For instance, Padre Pio TV has aired programs about curing various diseases in children and about a Capuchin home for people with disabilities.

Both the television and a magazine, “Voice of Padre Pio,” (which is printed in six languages!) help to educate people about Padre Pio and his teachings as well as with the social problems they face.

The apostolate includes about 3,000 prayer groups, each of which has a spiritual director appointed by the bishop of the diocese in which it resides. Prayer groups meet the 23rd of each month for Mass, the rosary, catechesis, and the performance of charitable works.

Find out more about their U.S. apostolate at

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