Saving Africa – Why EWTN Programming Matters

Did you know that the U.S. Government is pressuring African nations to accept same-sex marriages, abortion, contraception and more?

George Wirnkar, EWTN's Regional Manager in Africa.

George Wirnkar, EWTN’s Regional Manager in Africa.

“Countries which have stood up [against these practices] have been [labeled] as undemocratic and disrespectful of human rights,” said George Wirnkar, EWTN’s Regional Manager in Africa, who was at EWTN’s headquarters in Irondale this week. “Western media is insinuating that countries which depend on the U.S. Government for financial aid also have to listen to the U.S. Government when it speaks about aspects of ‘good governance’ and democracy. They are insinuating that there will be suspension of aid or denial of aid to countries that refuse to comply with U.S. Government requirements for ‘a more open society.’ There is clearly a concerted effort to break down the family, to make it something that has no form as God intended it.”

Amazingly, Wirnkar said most African dialects don’t even have a word for abortion – that’s how foreign the concept is to the African way of living and thinking.

“It’s a question of culture,” Wirnkar said. “Most African traditions don’t even conceive of a man and a man getting married – irrespective of religious influences – or of two people living together before they are married. It’s considered a desecration of the earth – it could bring a curse on the people – and so is abortion.”

Unfortunately, Wirnkar said TV and radio stations are bringing in more and more secular programming from the West, which introduces social permissiveness to people, eroding morals and family values.

Fr. Maruice Emelus, host of "The Church in Africa," with some of his fans during the 2013 EWTN Family Celebration in Birmingham, Ala.

Fr. Maruice Emelu, host of “The Church in Africa” on EWTN with some fans of his wildly popular series during the 2013 EWTN Family Celebration in Birmingham, Ala.

“We need to find ways of building Catholic TV and radio,” Wirnkar said. “If we don’t fill the airwaves with value-based programs, they are going to fill it with junk and that is exactly what is happening.”

This makes EWTN’s mission more important than ever. As Wirnkar said, “EWTN has been airing programs that have been supporting the same values, the same teachings, and the same Church for 35 years.”

With your help, your Network, EWTN, will continue in its mission to share “the Splendor of Truth” – in Africa, America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, the Caribbean, and everywhere in between!

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  1. From good Fr. Maurice Emelu, airing on EWTN starting this September

  2. Ekesa Anthony says:

    hi i believe its time EWTN ventured full in Africa am from mombasa kenya where we have many radio and tv stations but non dedicated to the catholic faithfull who are a majority how i long to switch on my radio or tv and listen to contents that up lift my spiritual life God bless EWTN

  3. Patrick Collier says:

    EWTN ‘s “Aid to the Church in Need” truly deserves our donations for African tribal civil wars…Islamist violence against Catholics means portable travelling Altars // Chapels et cetera amongst all their prayerful families…Lord, their children are so beautifully devoted !

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    EWTN Programming introduced me and my family to The Holy Catholic Church.

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