Montse Grases: Find Out Why This Teen’s Life Shows Holiness Is Possible For Everyone

Photo of the real Montse Grases, now Venerable, whose story is told in the new EWTN docu-drama “They Might Be Saints: Montse Grases” with Host Michael O’Neill.

The beatification of 15-year-old Carlo Acutis caused great excitement in the Church, especially among young Catholics. Now, Catholics have yet another young person to get excited about: 17-year-old Montse Grases of Spain, who we discover is on the path to sainthood. Find out more when EWTN airs “They Might Be Saints: Montse Grases,” which airs at 11:30 a.m. ET, Saturday, July 10, and 11 p.m. ET, Wednesday, July 14 on EWTN.

“I think everybody gets excited about these young people – the Fatima children, St. Thérèse, Maria Goretti, Carlo Acutis,” says “They Might Be Saints” series Host/Writer/Producer Michael O’Neill, aka The Miracle Hunter. “It inspires the youth and gives hope to the Church.”

Scene from the new EWTN docudrama “They Might Be Saints: Montse Grases” with Host Michael O’Neill.

This teenager, who was declared Venerable on April 26, 2016 for living a life of heroic virtue, was a lay member of Opus Dei. If she is beatified, she will follow in the footsteps of Chemist Guadalupe Ortiz and become the second woman and second lay member of the international Catholic institution to achieve this.

The central message of Opus Dei, with approximately 100,000 lay members and 2,000 priests worldwide, involves the universal call to holiness. It teaches people to offer up their daily work and the ordinary things of everyday life to God.

Montse Grases, who died of cancer of the leg, offered up her sufferings for the Pope and for the founder of Opus Dei, an international Catholic institution of which she was a member.

“Montse fit into that idea that you don’t have to do spectacular deeds,” says O’Neill. “She was a regular teenager, with a sparkling personality, who loved who loved to play the guitar, sing songs, dance, perform in plays, and play basketball and tennis.

“She was able to take those occasions of ordinary life and share her faith with friends, to do things well, and to offer her sufferings up to God. She inspired others by her holiness in everyday life.”

Montse died of Ewing Sarcoma, a cancerous tumor that grows around a bone or the tissue surrounding the bone; in this case, her leg. She offered her suffering for the Pope and for the founder of Opus Dei. “She set a great example for those who surrounded her,” says O’Neill. “She died well.”

Ven. Montse Grases lived the life of an ordinary Spanish teenager extraordinarily well.

Viewers of this episode will hear from a full roster of people, including the Prelate of Opus Dei, and the Vice Postulator of her Cause for Canonization, and will hear the story of a remarkable favor that took place through Montse’s intercession.

“The intercession involved a 2 ½ year old girl. Out of the blue she began having extreme health conditions. During her interview, the child’s mother says their life had gotten out of control and an MRI revealed a tumor in the hypothalamus. This was removed in surgery, after which the young girl started going downhill.”

Although the mother admitted that she was not one to pray to the saints, she started to see the face of Montse in her mind so she directed her prayers there.

Scene from the new EWTN docudrama “They Might Be Saints: Montse Grases” with Host Michael O’Neill.

“The next day she went to the doctor’s office and the child started to recover,” O’Neill said. “This surgery had never been done in that way before. It was a remarkable and unexpected success. Because it involved medical intervention, it is not the type of healing considered by Rome for a beatification miracle but this was a tremendous favor. These are the types of intercessions they are seeing.”

O’Neill says it’s Montse’s simplicity that he, and others, find so appealing.

“We have this idea that saints must be these famous people who accomplished a huge checklist of things. It makes us all feel that we’ll never get there. Her life is so simple yet so inspiring. Her story shows that if you live your life well and offer up your struggles and sufferings and the difficulties of life, you can achieve holiness too.”

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  1. I was told today that EWTN is going to air a show about Montse Grases. Would you please help me, to know when you will broadcast that program about her?

  2. Theresa A. Panzera says:

    July14, 1941 was the day Montse was BORN. She died on March 26, 1959, She was named “Venerable” on April 26, 2016

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