EWTN’s docudrama ‘Speak of the devil – Spiritual warfare’ teaches us how to fight and win the battle with satan

Do you believe the devil exists? Do you know how he operates and how you might unwittingly open the door to evil in your life? Do you know how to best defend yourself against his accusations and deceptions?

The father in this drama doesn’t know if his youngest son has killed their priest, but he goes to rescue him from his evil companions anyway.

In EWTN’s stunning new docudrama, “Speak of the Devil – Spiritual warfare,’ Director Campbell Miller takes you inside a pious medieval family whose youngest son is seduced by the devil in a riveting retelling of the story of the Prodigal Son. As the drama unfolds, we hear from experts in spiritual warfare who explain what is happening on a supernatural level and the many weapons we have in our battle against the evil one. Watch the story unfold in all its medieval splendor at 10 p.m. ET, Oct. 20 when EWTN premieres “Speak of the devil – Spiritual warfare.”

The event will be preceded at 8 p.m. ET by a special “EWTN Live” with Miller and Executive Producer Aidan Gallagher from EWTN’s Ireland office who will take you behind the scenes to show you not only how the film was made, but the spiritual battle they had to fight in order to get the project completed. This truly is don’t miss television! (Additional airings at 10:30 a.m. ET, Thursday, Oct. 21; 8 p.m. ET, Saturday, Oct. 23; and 1:30 am. ET, Monday, Oct. 25.)

The devil is a monster of deception.

“People don’t realize the devil exists,” says Miller. “When you dabble with the occult, you’re opening the door. But we have weapons and armor that have been given us by our Lord to fight it. That is the one thing I would like the viewer to take away.”

“One of [satan’s] greatest weapons is deception,” Miller continues. “People believe he’s only the symbol of evil. Reiki, palm reading, the Ouija board, angel cards – they all open the door to evil. I’ve heard of people talking about angel cards. They’re using Christian terminology so people think it’s Christian warfare they are taking part in.”

EWTN Host Father Mitch Pacwa, S.J. is one of our spiritual guides in this EWTN Original docudrama.

As the film opens, Father Mitch Pacwa, S.J., theologian, author and EWTN TV host, explains that the devil is very real and it’s our job to know who he is and how he fights. “We are in a spiritual war with demonic powers,” says Father Mitch. “These spiritual forces try to prevent human beings from making a decision to love God. They will do everything in their power to stop us from being with our Father.”

Have you ever thought about the devil in this way?

Viewers will learn a lot by watching this film. For example, did you know that while we have many weapons to help us resist evil, we have only one to actively fight it – and you may be surprised to discover that it’s the Word of God!

God gives us a guardian angel (man in blue) to walk with us (the youngest son who represents all of us) in good times and in times of danger and temptation.

Did you know that we are not only commanded to pray every day, we are commanded to read and pray the BIBLE every day? According to Father Pat Collins, C.M., Archdiocese of Dublin, Ireland: “If I’m not reading from Scripture, I don’t have a sword! The Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God!”

We know this is true because our Savior modeled this weapon for us in his own battle with satan in the desert where he had gone to fast and pray for 40 days. The fasting and prayer prepared Him for battle, but Paul Thigpen, author of “Manual for Spiritual Warfare,” says: “When He [Jesus] actually engaged the enemy, He used Scripture!” “The enemy tries to come at you to make you afraid. ‘The Lord is my shepherd, I will not fear.’ The enemy comes at you with an accusation. ‘The accuser of our brothers has been cast out.’”

Scripture is powerful—and so is the name of Jesus! These are just a few of the many powerful weapons we learn about – or gain a new appreciation for – even as we become engrossed in a truly gripping drama.

The devil and his minions hunt are not about to let the youngest son go his own way.

The many obstacles encountered in the making of this film showed cast and crew that the devil was not happy about this project. Miller said he thought the last film he made, which told the story of Our Lady of Knock, was tough, but he says this film took spiritual warfare to a whole new level.

First, filming was cancelled because of the pandemic. When things finally opened up again, a lot of work had to be redone because cast and crew – including makeup artists and costume designers – had moved on to other jobs, which were paying a post pandemic premium for such workers. Thanks to Brexit (Great Britain leaving the European Union), getting costumes, props, and various other materials was next to impossible.

Worst of all, the site where a large part of the docudrama had been filmed was bought by another entity, which meant the film’s incredible medieval setting was being made into a pristine wedding venue. Because of all the construction work taking place around them, a day of filming which might normally take 12 hours could take 20 to 21 hours. “At one point, the crew had only eight hours of sleep in nearly three days!” say Miller. “But everybody came together and we fought through these issues.”

Director Campbell Miller (center) on location in Ireland.

This film is brimming with information all of us desperately need to hear. You’ll learn what the most terrifying moment in history was for the devil, about the moment when the devil is most afraid of us; why we must be sensitive to the voice of the angels; and what happens when we don’t pray.

The good news is that the spiritual battle is not just about us looking for God. “The Hound of Heaven chases us down the highways and byways of life.” This film will encourage you to let yourself be caught!

The film is set in a stunning medieval setting.

Find out what you can do to not only fight the enemy but win when EWTN premieres one of the important films you will see this year – and please, bring your friends and family to the viewing. We promise it will be a night to remember!

Note: Want more? View the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0HI7J5b8sc


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  1. Diane Gray says:

    Please, please play this again! My mother passed away then we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary & oldest son’s birthday the same day. Really want to see this film.

    • mjohnsonewtn says:

      Diane, while it’s not yet been scheduled, I do know that we will be airing it again soon so please stay tuned. It is also available at ewtnrc.com. God bless!

  2. Randy & Nancy Garate says:

    We just saw this movie and loved it. Thank you for making such an awesome film. Your actors, story, directing and all were excelent.

  3. patricia c crain says:

    Will the film be available on youtube?

    • mjohnsonewtn says:

      Hi Patricia, we have no plans to post this on YouTube, but we WILL be airing it again on EWTN television in th e near future (check for listings). It also will be available soon via our On Demand platform (download our free EWTN app to see it on your phone!), and via ewtnrc.com. God bless!

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  5. Ann onyinye says:

    I will definitely try and watch this movie

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