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Divine Mercy for the Sick and Dying

As Dr. Thatcher prayed, he remembered that just the day before he had been telling people at a conference to pray, “Jesus, I trust in You.” He also remembered the Scripture verse in which Abraham offers Isaac to God. He told himself, he had to have the faith of Abraham. In his mind, he walked his son up a mountainside and gave his son, “the apple of my eye, the fruit of a healed marriage,” back to God. Continue reading

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Building the Body of Christ in Nigeria, One Woman at a Time

Can a group of Catholic women save 186 million Nigerians from the horrors of Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills and the heartache caused by same-sex marriage – especially when it’s not their primary mission? According to Nwanneka Cecelia Okolo, National President … Continue reading

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Saving Africa – Why EWTN Programming Matters

Did you know that the U.S. Government is pressuring African nations to accept same-sex marriages, abortion, contraception and more? “Countries which have stood up [against these practices] have been [labeled] as undemocratic and disrespectful of human rights,” said George Wirnkar, EWTN’s … Continue reading

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Radio Free Catholicism

What if there were no churches, and no one around you who believed in God? What if you didn’t have a television, a radio, a computer, a smart phone or a tablet? How would you learn that there is a … Continue reading

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Troubling Report from Africa

There was a time when the United States sent missionaries to Africa. Today, with the shortage of priests, it is the U.S. that is the beneficiary of many great Catholic priests from the continent of Africa – so the American … Continue reading

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