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EWTN Presents ‘Fatal Flaws: Legalizing Assisted Death’

Are laws allowing euthanasia & assisted suicide leading society down a dangerous path? That is the question that Filmmaker Kevin Dunn asks in the incredible new documentary, “Fatal Flaws – Legalizing Assisted Death,” (DunnMedia and Euthanasia Prevention Coalition) which premieres … Continue reading

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How To Combat The New ‘Dark Ages’ Which Threatens To Consume Us

“The first barbarians believed in marriage, believed men and women were different, believed in God, believed God should be worshiped. … The new barbarians don’t hold to any of those principles. Therefore, we can say in all legitimacy, that we are entering a new Dark Ages.” Continue reading

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Learn How To Answer Pro-Abortion Advocates in EWTN’s New Mini-Series ‘When They Say, You Say’

“Everyone can become a good speaker and advocate for life!” So says Olivia Gans Turner, host of the new EWTN series, “When They Say, You Say.”
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President’s Action on Employer Mandate Does Not Delay Contraception Mandate For EWTN

The following is EWTN President & Chief Executive Officer Michael P. Warsaw’s statement in response to recent news about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Yesterday, the President of the United States issued a statement that enforcement of a … Continue reading

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Eye-Opening National Right To Life Convention!

This past week, EWTN Executive VP & COO Doug Keck and I had the opportunity to participate in the National Right to Life Convention in Dallas. NRLC employs some top-notch people who are doing incredible behind-the-scenes work at the state … Continue reading

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Pro-Life Vacation Of A Lifetime

If you’ve been considering a vacation in Rome, this may be the year and June may be the time! This morning I got to interview Father Eugene “Geno” Sylva, S.T.L., S.T.D., a priest from the Diocese of Patterson, New Jersey, who … Continue reading

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Coming Next Month: EWTN to Feature Expanded Coverage of Canada’s National March for Life 2013 – With Its Particularly Chilling Theme

Until EWTN began covering the March for Life in Washington, D.C., few understood how big it really was. Last year, EWTN began broadening its coverage of Canada’s National March for Life with a special hosted by Doug Keck and Fr. Joseph … Continue reading

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