Books To Help You Through the Pandemic – And Your Life!

With most of the country sheltering in place for a few more weeks to a few more months, many people find themselves turning to their faith for comfort. If you would like to learn to pray better, to know Jesus better, to defend the Faith better, and to be inspired to live a better life, EWTN Religious Catalogue has some suggestions for you. The books below are bestsellers for a reason. To see these and all the resources EWTN Religious Catalogue offers, please go to

Learn to Pray Better 

  • “The Examen Prayer” by Father Timothy Gallagher.

In this book, Fr. Timothy Gallagher teaches Catholics the Ignatian method of examining your conscience. Many people end the day by asking God about what they could or should have done better. But St. Ignatius recommends beginning our examination of conscience by thanking God, not just for general blessings, but for what He very specifically did for us that particular day. Focusing on gratitude first makes us realize how much God loves us. That’s why we say this book could change your life. Find it here: If you have read this book and want to go deeper, pick up Fr. Gallagher’s book, “The Discernment of Spirits: An Ignatian Guide for Everyday Living.” Learn to discern when you are feeling consolation and when you are feeling desolation and what to do about those changes in your spirit. Find the book and/or accompanying DVD here:

  • “The Interior Castle” by St. Teresa of Avila.

For those who want to understand just how close it is possible to get to Jesus in this life, St. Teresa of Avila’s masterwork, “The Interior Castle,“ is a must read. She describes the soul as a series of room in a castle and takes you on a journey from outside the castle. where lots of snakes and other poisonous creatures (temptations) assail you, all the way through the castle and into the innermost room, where Jesus awaits. You can get closer to Our Lord in this life than you ever thought possible! Find it here: 

Be Inspired To Live a Better Life

  • Books By and About Mother Angelica, including “Mother Angelica: The Remarkable Story of a Nun, Her Nerve, and a Network of Miracles” by Raymond Arroyo, and, especially in these times of pandemic, “Mother Angelica on Suffering and Burnout.”

If you haven’t read the definitive bio of Mother Angelica, it’s an entertaining and inspiring read! And if you’re looking for encouragement and consolation as well as an explanation of the purpose of suffering and how to avoid wasting it, turn to the Suffering and Burnout book. Find these and other books by Mother Angelica here:

  • “33 Days to Morning Glory” by Father Michael Gaitley.

During this Easter season of celebration, we thank God for all He did for us during His Passion and Death. One amazing way to do this is to consecrate ourselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary. As Catholics often say: “To Jesus through Mary!” This book provides an easily accessible way to make this consecration with teachings from Saints Therese of Lisieux, Faustina Kowalska, John Paul II, and Louis de Montfort. Already read this book? Then, read the next two books in this trilogy: “33 days to Merciful Love,” which is about consecration to Divine Mercy, and “33 Days to Greater Glory,” Father Gaitley’s newest book, which is about consecration to God the Father. Find all three books here:

Learn to Defend the Faith Better 

  • “Praying the Gospels – Jesus Launches His Ministry” by Father Mitch Pacwa.

There is no better way to learn (and to live) the Bible than by praying it. In this book, Fr. Mitch takes you by the hand and shows you how enter into a Gospel scene and meditate upon it even as He shares fascinating details about the geography, customs and ideas of Jesus’ time. He even provides questions intended to lead you into a deeper examination of your own life and mission in the world today. Find it here: Find dozens of other Bible studies, including many more by Father Mitch, here:

  • “Why Be Catholic?: Ten Answers to a Very Important Question” by Patrick Madrid.

Described by readers as “essential,” “phenomenal,” “easy to read,” and more, this book will make you proud to be Catholic and able to defend the Faith with clear, fact-based answers. Non-Catholics will find it clears up many misconceptions and helps them see the Church in a new light. The book is riveting because it is deeply personal, and offers wonderful anecdotes from Madrid’s own experience as a life-long Catholic born in the 1960s. Worthwhile reading! Find it here:

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  1. Clorinda Noonan says:

    Not knowing where to go, I am leaving this message to Ft. Leonard Mary for his courageous homily this morning, August 2nd. He told it like it is. Thank you for standing up to the so called Catholics and democratic leftist who are demonizing our country. Time to fight back!

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