Contest Winner – And More — Revealed!

Readers had great guesses about who was singing on the audio clip I posted last week. Answers ranged from Jim Nabors to Vince Flynn to Doug Keck, who got a kick out that guess! However, the correct answer was (drum roll please) Fr. Mitch Pacwa! Father himself not only sang the title tune for the series, “Who Do You Say I Am?,” he also accompanied himself on the mandolin. Since a number of you got the answer right, I’m going to have to make the contest question harder next time!

Father Mitch Pacwa was the mystery singer in EWTN's recent contest. Go to to listen to the audio clip!

Fr.. Mitch Pacwa was the mystery singer in EWTN’s recent contest. To listen to the audio clip, go to

In response to the viewer who said the singer couldn’t possibly be Father Mitch – “Have you listened to his recent ‘Ita Missa est?'” – Father Mitch says he certainly agrees that his voice has gotten a little raspier over the past 20 years, but hasn’t everyone’s?!!

So now we get down to the winner of our contest. Congratulations to Jane Schwartz! Since the series was indeed about the New Age and its dangers, she will receive Fr. Mitch’s fantastic book, “Catholics and the New Age,”, which is a must-read for everyone who is concerned about New Age practices, which have only gotten worse in recent years.

Jane, please send your address to and put “contest winner” in the subject line, so I can mail you your prize!

Have you got a question you think will stump everyone? Email me privately at the address above. If I use your question, you’ll get the same prize as the winner! God bless everyone – and thanks again for playing!

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